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Extension of the Writing Time of the Thesis

The writing of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis does not always proceed according to plan. In exceptional cases, we can therefore generally grant you an extension of your writing time. It is essential that you talk to your supervisor first!

Please also note that the informal request should be submitted at least 14 days before the scheduled submission!

How can you apply for an extension?

  • Before approaching your supervisor, consider/check the following:
    • Is there a valid reason that an extension is needed (see below for reasons)?
    • How many weeks should the extension you are seeking be?
  • Approach your supervisor and describe your request for an extension
  • If your supervisor agrees, send an e-mail to the first and second examiner describing the reason according to the criteria above
  • We will then forward your request to the examination committee and the examination administration office and confirm your request

What is a valid reason for an extension?

We can only grant your request for an extension if your reasons validly justify the additional writing time and are not foreseeable or attributable to you. The following examples may constitute valid reasons:

  • Illness and/or hospitalization (yourself or someone in your care)
  • Unforeseen delays in implementation/data evaluation/literature acquisition and analysis/etc.
  • Delays due to third party dependencies (e.g., practice partners)

Unfortunately, we cannot consider the following reasons for your extension as they are foreseeable:

  • Working hours at a student job or internship
  • Examination periods and hand-ins for other courses
  • Poor time management
  • Vacation trips