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The supervision of bachelor and master theses is always individually regulated. This means that you determine the starting time within the semester yourself and also do your own time management. Permissible language are English and German.

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Application for theses

  • You can apply for supervision every semester by 15.03. and 15.09.
  • Please always name a topic (area) interest and indicate if you want to write a practical (implementation) or theoretical (literature) thesis
  • Please always send a Transcript of Records as well
  • Please send your application via the contact form on the right
  • You will receive a confirmation or rejection soon after the date
  • Please note that if you are accepted, you will be asked in a timely fashion to write a 3-page exposé on your topic in consultation with your supervisor - please allocate sufficient time for this in advance

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Current thesis topics

Supervision process

  • Initial topic discussion
    By e-mail, telephone or in person, we set a topic and briefly discuss the preliminary content.
  • Exposé
    Prior to the actual application, you will have written an approximately three-page exposé outlining what you perceive to be the problem situation and the research question. Furthermore, the exposé outlines what the result of your work could be (e.g. a model, a method, an implementation) and how you want to proceed methodically (e.g. literature analysis, case study, interviews). Do not slavishly adhere to this synopsis if it turns out that aspects of it do not fit well into the course of your work. However, significant deviations should definitely be discussed with the supervisor.
  • Supervision appointments
    There are no fixed supervision appointments after registration, but you can request them, for example, to discuss your outline, to clarify open questions, or to address problems with the topic, literature research, or implementation. Furthermore, you will participate in the seminar on bachelor and master theses at the chair, on the sidelines of which you can network and ask questions.
  • Pre-correction offer
    We offer to read 3 (Bachelor) to 5 (Master) pages of your thesis at some point during the course and to comment on them to give you an impression of what you can still optimize in your writing style, your argumentation, your source work, etc., so that you can submit a well-rounded thesis afterwards. However, we will not look through and pre-correct your entire paper before submission.
  • Grading
    After the paper is submitted, we will make every effort to grade it promptly and you are welcome to come in for a debriefing. Remember to give a presentation in the seminar, especially if your require a confirmation of a passing grade for the admission to the master's program.

Examinations and AI

In view of the large number of questions that have arisen since the public debate on Generative Artificial Intelligence, TU Dortmund University offers guidance and further information on the use of AI in examinations. Further information is available on the website for digital teaching at TU Dortmund University.

For general questions about theses at the Chair of Enterprise Computing, please contact thesis.ls13cs.tu-dortmundde.