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Department of Computer Science
Enterprise Computing


Teaching Philosophy

A central aspect of teaching at the Chair of Enterprise Computing is self-directed learning. Students should independently recognize and understand contexts. They should apply what they have learned and analyze the results and consequences. The goal is to bring together and evaluate knowledge from different areas of business informatics and related sciences.

Through active communication in lectures, seminars and especially in the projects, the ability to argue is strengthened and helps the students to reflect and question content and also to change from an internal to an external perspective and thus to understand teaching content, for example, from the perspective of a teacher and thus also to be able to criticize or defend.

Teaching Content

The teaching content of the Chair of Enterprise Computing deals with the "classical topics" of business informatics, i.e. the development and application of information and communication systems in business enterprises. They provide content that should enable students to independently analyze, plan and subsequently implement ICT systems in a structured manner. In addition, you should help to improve the students' communication skills, since business informatics almost always has an interpreter and/or mediator role at the interface with business administration, computer science and other sciences.

Accordingly, content from the areas of data, information, and process management and their application can be found in particular in the teaching. Since the conception of ICT systems is not an end in itself, there is always a reference to the implementation of concrete IT systems, which enables the students to practically apply what they have learned in theory.

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