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BISE Catchword on "Generative AI"

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ChatGPT continues to dominate the headlines. A new paper systematizes research in this area

ChatGPT continues to dominate the headlines on the topic of artificial intelligence. But ChatGPT is not the end of the line, it is just the first step and only one tool among many. Together with colleagues Stefan Feuerriegel (LMU), Jochen Hartmann (TUM) and Patrick Zschech (FAU), Prof. Janiesch has developed a paper on the entire topic of Generative AI, which does not view the topic from a purely technical or purely management perspective, but attempts to address the systemic level right in between. In other words, exactly where digitalization driven by business informatics takes place.

The article is available online first in the journal "Business & Information Systems Engineering" (IF 7.9). Link to article.

We welcome feedback on the paper, which attempts to systematize and highlight challenges, limitations, and opportunities.